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air season, welcome!

Summer (or, earth season) ended with a beautiful waning gibbous moon (almost full!), and here in Austin autumn-- also known as air season-- cooperated with a cool front coming in just as the hour of the equinox approached. Conditions for our yoga in the park that morning approached perfection- the temperature, the breeze, the state of the grass (not too high, not too dry)... we were visited by an enormous circling red-tailed hawk and the more ochre of the pair of white squirrels that live in the trees that line the creek. Never mind "approached"; they were perfect.

But even the imperfect days have held blessings and lessons. Remember when the giant tractor shredded Clayton's sandals?

The beginning of a new season is exciting. d to look ahead, with curiosity and often with expectations. I remind myself that the former is more useful than the latter. I remind myself to spend time, physically and metaphorically, in fetal pose (parsva garbhasana), honoring the space in between.

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