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April/(non-?) judgement

As the month (which I take serious umbrage with anyone judging "the cruelest"!) draws to an end, I'm struck by the fact that I'm wearing a fleece hoodie and it's nearly May!. We've had showers and flowers and wind and thunder and crazy lightning and rainbows and moons of all the moon shapes, bright planets dim stars baby birds alive and dead, fallen nests cats frisky with spring fever dogs that can't stop sniffing all the smells, all the smells, new life, old stuff shedded eyes opened breaths taken... and breaths taken away. In the park, drishtis of shiny glistening leaves, broken birds' eggs, even once a champagne cork (not ours!). A new crop of toddlers chased by: dads moms grandparents babysitters siblings and sometimes my dog, if he thinks they're packing treats.

There's this desire for renewal. I remembered to get a facial before my Groupon expired! The young esthetician said, "I'm scared of yoga because I'm not any good at it and I feel like everyone's looking at me and judging me". Oh dear. I remember those feelings, back before I understood that everyone is too busy judging themselves to spend any time weighing the pros and cons of me.

I laugh at (trying not to judge) my relationship with the Weather App. As a kid I had a Magic 8 Ball and I knew it was a gag, but I asked it questions anyway. Does Mark Glassman like-like me? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Is there a God? What's for dinner?

Weather App, should I plan park yoga tomorrow???

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