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newness + relinquishing expectation

We planted five vines of lush jasmine around our backyard last spring. In the midst of pandemic, the local nursery allowed limited numbers of customers to shop at any given time. The bright pretty flowers and seductive scents elevated our spirits, and we were looking forward to the vines' expansion into full walls of green this summer and spring.

Then the big freeze! No jasmine flowers for us this year (though the roses, cut all the way down to their root balls, re-emerged with startling vivacity). Would the jasmine vines bounce back too, we wondered? Look-- here they come.

Yesterday, setting up for yoga practice in the park, there was drizzle. It felt refreshing, but would it turn into real rain? We'll just do what we can, we thought, and be grateful for it.

It was Sheri's birthday-- her second during the pandemic. It's good luck to practice yoga on your birthday. It's good luck to practice yoga on anyone's birthday.

As we reclined on our mats for a break from standing after our Sun B mandalas, the sun came out. How good it felt to feel the warmth on our bellies.

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