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Nourishment for body and for soul

In another lifetime, (pre-pandemic, pre- a lots of new life circumstances!) I loved throwing dinner parties. Sure I'm an introvert, but dinner parties always felt festive and playful, an un-stressful way to be creative and enjoy the company of friends.

I loved choosing ingredients, planning the menu, imagining the chemistry among the invitees, and especially relished being asked impromptu questions like: mind if I bring a friend/relative/blind date? Cool if I bring my kids or my dog?

After each event, I felt enriched, having learned something new about myself, my friends, and food and process.

This morning we had a very fun group for our outdoor flow. Some regulars, a few old friends making new appearances (along with one totally new friend, brought as a guest by her air bnb host!). Walking home, basking in feelings of peace and satisfaction it dawned on me that building yoga sequences is rather like crafting a menu for a dinner party. With the yogis as my guests, as a teacher/host I am charged with creating a welcoming environment, holding safe space for courage and vulnerability. An intention to offer a cohesive menu of "flavors" that work well together in the body..... some comfort food, a few adventurous options... and the need to adjust in real time as new situations arise.

Sometimes the grass is damp under our blankets, sometimes the brilliance of the day requires sunglasses. Sometimes people bring kids or dogs. Always, I leave enriched, having learned something about myself, my fellow yogis, the way energy moves through our bodies.

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