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85 degrees last Tuesday in Austin. The crazy freeze may have contributed to keeping the city weird but it didn't make everything okay; people suffer. For some it's been a drag, for others a cataclysm.

Walking Reggie this warm evening, balmy enough for a tank top, I spotted a dandelion in fluff mode. How does that happen? After freeze and significant snow and more freeze, how?

Yesterday at yoga in the park (again finally!) we spent the first fifteen minutes sharing experience. Without overthinking, we reconnected with the newly thawed ground. What good fortune to be outdoors together, joyous and unhindered. It was so good to see the faces of cared about humans, to see that we, so lucky, were okay, still here.

Lots of heart opening postures; I'd felt constricted, hunched over and closed, and was eager to open again. We wrapped our arms behind us. We toppled onto our mats, out of practice, understanding that no one gave a shit or an ounce of judgment.

The tulips Chris brought home in a nod to Valentine's Day (we as a couple appreciate flowers but distrust holidays) survived the freeze. They wisely stayed closed until the thaw. Until they too opened.

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