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Our Small, Consistent Drishti of Love

These ubiquitous humble dots of yellow only disappeared from the park for a month or so over the winter. Even then, they weren't missing entirely. We'd be holding, say, half-moon pose, when Clayton or Michelle might remark with calm enthusiasm: oh look, there's one of our drishti flowers, as their eyes gently wandered the earth in search of an easy anchor.

We use drishti regularly as a tool for balance. The precision of the gaze frees us from our sympathetic nervous system's complusion to visually scan for danger; the softness of the gaze relaxes our six eye muscles (and forty-three face muscles). Serenity replaces concern, including the concern that we might fall out of balance. If we do, so what? We try again.

Fun fact.... when I Googled to verify that the plural of drishti is drishti (it is), the list of common searches that popped up included How do you tell a girl she has pretty eyes?

And my favorite: Is staring an indication of love?

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