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Social Distancing and The Eight Chakra

My first son was born, at home on my bed, seventeen years + a couple of weeks ago. He spent his first days on that bed, then the next few in a sling attached to my body as we explored the other rooms of our tiny house, venturing no further than the backyard. Two weeks after his birth, I felt ready for an outing. With him slung to my chest, I walked down my quiet street to the main drag of our neighborhood, destination an outdoor coffeeshop.

This walk was unlike any I'd ever taken. I was hyper aware of the energy around me, as well as my own energy field and that of my baby boy. My eight chakra was on fire.

As we got closer to public spaces, to vehicles and bodies, I could feel the friction between our energy "bubbles" and those of the people around us. This was instinct, of course, kicking in to heighten my awareness and help me protect my child. I've been thinking about that experience a lot during this time of social distancing. Maybe this is an opportunity for each of us to recharge our eight chakra, reconnect with the fields of energy that we radiate, feel our own more deeply, and notice and respect those of others.

Before we race back into close contact with friends and strangers, maybe we pause and notice.

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