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Years of dedicated practice and a gift for beautiful language make Abigail an extraordinary teacher. I'm continually rewarded by the strength, poise, and empathy she brings to each and every class.

- Paula D.

Abigail’s yoga classes are an intense and nourishing practice rooted in her deep, lived understanding of how real yoga can bring out our best truest selves. Her classes teach balance: of ease and effort, of play and the serious, of the joyful and the difficult. And every single time class is over, I feel more myself and life feels richer.

- Clayton M.

My mind excites in anticipation of an upcoming class with Abigail.  She works hard to maintain even levels of breath, body, and movement.  I feel challenged, but never hopeless due to skill level.  Abigail is gentle and fierce and she cares.  She really, really cares about me as an individual and a student and a peer and giving me the best experience she can.  My serotonin levels are high and happy after class!  Highly recommend.

- Annette P.

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