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Yoga and Transitions

a weekend retreat on Isle La Motte, Vermont

Life is flow. Nothing is static or stagnant, though it can sometimes feel that way.  We experience transitions throughout our lives, from childhood through the elder years.  The meditative movement of yoga can teach us grace and presence through these often challenging times.  You may be experiencing the transition of becoming a new parent, or witnessing your children transition into their own adulthoods.  The beginning or ending of a relationship is a transition we all live through at some point.  Our own or a loved one's illness, injury, or recovery from addiction present opportunities for transition growth.  Simply re-entering the larger world after a period of internal focus is a transition to which we can likely all relate!

You are invited to join a small group of mindful adults at a truly remarkable space for a special weekend of exploring the grace and growth of transitions, on and off of our yoga mats.

This retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga including those completely new to the practice.  The requirement is simply to arrive with hearts and minds open, and bring a willingness to open them more. 


The retreat cost includes lodging, meals, workshops, yoga and guided meditations.  Find more info and register here.



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