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Yoga + Transitions: 

Meeting change with Grace, Gratitude and Growth 

Dharma Yoga Studio, May 2022

A yoga flow is a series of transitions.  

Have you noticed that our lives are a series of transitions, too? 

Change is inevitable. Whether scary or easy to embrace, every

transition is an opportunity for meaningful growth.

Join me this May to explore meeting life transitions with clarity,

humility, and a mindset of transformation.  Through the prism of yoga,

you’ll come away with techniques to calm your mind, regulate your nervous system and cultivate authentic noticing.  We'll use breath work, mediation, journaling, discussion and movement to deepen our connection to our inner wisdom and compassion, and commit to moving forward through change with intention.  

Dharma Yoga Studio, 3317 Manor Road, Austin TX

Sundays, May 8th and May 15th, 2-4pm

Text me to register, or with questions!  512-657-8003,  NAMASTE!

Some of the transitions I’m working through are:

Changes in my relationships, with family, friends and partner

Changes in my body

Changes in my thinking about my life

Changes in my understanding of “how things are”


Some transitions my students and colleagues are navigating:

A physical move-- new house, new apartment, new city

Recovery from illness, injury, addiction — themselves or a person they're close to

Birth- new parenthood, the different stages of parenting

Death- sometimes a death from long ago that hasn’t been processed 

Divorce— see above

Career change, career confusion

New love!  “Good” change has it’s challenges too

Kids moving out of or (back) into the house

A new person coming into one’s life, a new friend, lover or colleague in your own life or in someone's close to yours.


My favorite:  a shift in one’s perspective, or way of thinking.  As a culture, we don’t hold space for this transition, perhaps the most meaningful of all.

This series is appropriate for any age, body, or level of experience. 

If you feel called to nurture your ability to grow with grace, please come!  


For more info please text me at 512-657-8003. 



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